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If you want a van that is big and strong but also versatile then you need the Vauxhall Movano. In total there are four load lengths, three roof heights and four Gross Vehicle Weights to choose from. This gives the Movano up to 170 cubic metre in loadspace volume, up to 4383mm in loadspace length and up to 2110kg payload capacity. Everything can be tailor-made to suit your transport needs.

There are also three drivetrains on offer: a front-wheel drive with a lower loading and kerb-weight, a single rear-wheel drive for greater towing capability and a twin rear-wheel drive for improved traction and a higher GVW. The Movano also comes with 6 variations of a powerful and efficient diesel engine; two single turbo units giving 110 and 130 BHP and four BiTurbo units giving 130, 145, 163 or 170 BHP. All engines offer outstanding efficiency and emissions as low as 173g/km.

Whilst tough and durable the Movano isn’t tough to drive, with an interior designed to be comfortable and versatile whatever your business needs. Digital radio and Bluetooth connectivity as standard, plus a whole host of infotainment options mean you’ll enjoy any journey you take. The Movano also comes with a raft of safety features including the standard Electronic Stability Programme which works to keep you and your cargo on the road.


The Vivaro was built to be the toughest of the tough and it has certainly been designed with toughness and durability in mind. It has been built to rigorous standards to ensure it can take on any job you can throw at it. Not only is it tough it is also flexible, with the two wheelbase options and two roof heights available meaning the Vivaro can be adapted to any business need. There is also a FlexCargo Bulkhead option allowing for loads up to 4150mm in length in the longest wheelbase option, and the Vivaro can carry a payload of up to 1265kg.

Four variations of a turbo charged diesel engine, two with one turbo and two with BiTurbo technology, provide four different power levels ranging from 95 BHP to 145 BHP. At the same time these engines also provide impressive fuel economy and emission levels with a combined mpg figure of up to 50.4mpg and CO2 emissions as low as 145g/km.

You certainly won’t mind being in the Vivaro for the long haul, as its impressively equipped interior with a range of options provides comfort and durability on those long journeys. The cab is designed with comfort in the forefront with everything you need within easy reaching distance and an advanced infotainment system keeping you in the right direction and entertained at the same time.


Added safety features complete the package, with the latest Electronic Stability Programe fitted as standard, including traction control, roll over mitigation and anti-lock brakes, keeping you and your cargo safe and on the road.