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At its very heart the Renault Kangoo benefits from up to date technology and efficient performance. Three varieties of engine in 75, 95 and 110 BHP versions offer impressive performance for their size. Stop & Start technology and regenerative braking help boost economy up to an impressive 65.7mpg, helping minimise fuel costs.

The Kangoo has a few handy options to increase flexibility. Standard in crew vans is a multi-positional bulkhead allowing you to choose between passenger space and extra cargo room should you need it. Whereas in the panel van version the passenger seat can fold flat allowing the bulkhead to swing round for an extra 0.6 cubic metres of space.

The Kangoo comes with a range of practical and clever features to make life simpler in the cabin, whilst saving you money at the same time. The Eco mode button is designed to activate a unique throttle response map in the engine which maximises fuel economy, whilst the Hill Start assist keeps you in place on an incline so you don’t have to worry about rolling backwards.


There are three types of Kangoo you can choose from, the Kangoo van has load volumes of up to 3.6 cubic metres and is easy to navigate around town. The Kangoo Maxi van offers more space with up to 4.6 cubic metres of load capacity, with a Crew van option if a team is needed at the job as well as the tools. There is also the new completely electric version of the Kangoo with an impressive range of up to 170 miles on one charge.


Specifically designed to meet the needs of any professional in any business environment and with you in mind, the Trafic offers a wide range of practical solutions to suit you. With a variety of wheelbases and roof heights available you have a load volume of up to 5.2 cubic metres on the SWB versions, 6 cubic metres on the LWB and an impressive 8.6 cubic metres on the high roof version. The bulkhead also extends under the passenger seat to allow 4.15 metres of load length.

The Renault Trafic benefits from Renault Sport’s F1 pedigree, with a range of engines that combine performance with flexibility and efficiency. Based around a 1.6 litre block, with a variable turbocharger that offers a single turbo 95 BHP or 120 BHP or a twin turbo option offering either 125 or 145 BHP. Each engine has impressive performance and also offers economy of up to 47.2mpg.

There are enough options and accessories in the cabin to turn the Trafic into a true mobile office. There is an optional tablet and smartphone cradle available to make sure everything is within reach as you move. There is also additional storage under the passenger seat and a range of adjustment options for the driver’s seat to ensure you are comfortable every minute of the working day.


On top of all this, there are also a number of options available to make your journey in the Trafic easier and safer. A reversing camera system with parking sensors ensures you can squeeze into the tightest spaces, whislt a touchscreen nav system keeps you going in the right direction and a vehicle monitoring system makes sure your Trafic never lets you down.



Specifically designed to adapt to changing and demanding requirements, the Renault Master boats impressive load volumes. Carrying capacity sits at 17 cubic metres and on the payload on the 3.5 tonne version is 1,593kg and up to 2,167kg on the 4.5 tonne version of the van. The Master can also be converted and adapted to fit your need with a Platform and Chassis cab version available.

The 2.3 Litre engine in the Renault Master combines a unique Twin Turbo technology to provide excellent efficiency and performance from 3 different power levels, 145, 165 or 170 BHP. One turbo works down at low speeds to provide high torque levels allowing you to pull away smoothly, whilst the second takes over when you get going to give you smooth acceleration and more power at higher speeds. The two combine to provide excellent emission rates and efficiency without sacrificing performance.

The Master is full of storage and technology solutions to provide a comfortable workspace, as it is understood this is where the majority of your work will be done. Everything is positioned within easy reach meaning you never have to take your eyes of the road, and there is an optional smartphone cradle meaning you stay connected whilst on the move. The optional MediaNav provides a touchscreen tablet including voice guided navigation to keep you on the right track.

The Master also keeps you safe as you travel with Electronic Stability Control and Trailer swing assist available along with a lane departure system keeping you in the right lane.