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A winning combination of toughness and sophistication, the Mitsubishi Shogun is a pickup able to tackle whatever you throw at it.

The Shoguns’ 3.2 litre direct injection diesel engine makes it one of the most economical pickups around. This engine is powerful at the same time as being cleaner and more efficient, as it produces a huge amount of low-down torque. Despite the increase in performance, it also has the added benefit of being quieter than ever.

The Super Select system gives you four driving modes to switch, meaning you’re always driving in the most efficient and safest way to suit whatever driving conditions you’re facing. When you’re on uneven, unstable or slippery surfaces, the Shogun has a range of features to keep you on the right track. One of these is Active Stability Control, which automatically adjusts engine output and brakes to ensure stability. This kicks in when sensors detect unstable movement, and when they detect wheel slip, Traction Control is activated. This system brakes the slipping wheel and controls engine output to give you a smoother journey.


Features inside the cab also increase safety, such as the Bluetooth interface which is hands-free and uses voice recognition so none of your attention leaves the road. Other features are controlled on the steering wheel, including audio controls and cruise control. Reversing cameras and parking sensors help you get into even the tightest of spaces, and the rack and pinion steering system gives great manoeuvrability and improved accuracy. 


A new all-aluminium 2.4L diesel engine powers the Mitsubishi L200, with exceptional performance and impressive fuel economy. 4Life models come with Auto Stop & Go technology which further increases fuel consumption and emissions, while other models are equipped with 181 BHP, pulling you to 62mph in 10.4 seconds. Higher trims also have the option of a 5-speed auto gearbox with Sports Mode. The L200 is smooth and refined when driving too, making it feel more like an SUV. It drives like one too, with improved handling and a class-leading 11.8m turning circle.

The L200 has smooth torque delivery which makes it extremely effective off-road, while the improved suspension irons out even deep bumps and potholes. The comfort doesn’t stop there and the theme continues into the cabin, with ergonomic seats and many “car-like” features that make driving this pick-up a joy. Features such as heated door mirrors and optional auto climate control make for a pleasant environment inside the cabin. Cruise control, rain and dusk sensors, Bluetooth hands free and state-of-the-art sound systems add to the ambience inside and keep everyone entertained.


The L200 is a winner when it comes to safety as well with a whole host of features to keep you and your passengers safe on any terrain. An Emergency Stop signal System automatically turns on the hazard lights under emergency braking to alert other road users, and a Trailer Stability Assist system means whatever you’re pulling behind you stays safe as well. Everything added together makes the L200 a safe and comfortable workspace.


Comfort and refinement are the key factors for the Mitsubishi Outlander, making your journey pleasant and relaxing from start to finish. The cabin has been designed to reduce road and wind noise and the 2.2L engine is quiet yet powerful, delivering 147 BHP and plenty of low down torque to get you moving on any terrain. Manual models come with Stop/Go technology and can reach up to 53mpg whilst the auto gearbox can reach 48mpg. The chassis and suspension system aim to keep traction on any surface whilst also providing exceptional ride comfort.

Long term quality materials take centre stage in the cabin, and it is obvious the Outlander has been built for durability. The Outlander is a perfect family car with outstanding versatility. The front row seats are designed for easy access and sit at hip height, and the rear seats on some models slide 25cm forward for extra comfort ithe third row, which also fold into the floor if extra space is needed for luggage. The elevated seat position also provides excellent visibility from the cabin.


There is also luxury in the Outlander and a collection of options and technology that make travelling a genuine pleasure. Heated seats along with an optional heated steering wheel make life more comfortable on winter days, and dual zone climate control keep you cool in the summer. There is also a multi-function nav system, a DAB radio and Bluetooth and audio connectivity to keep the whole family entertained. You can be sure that your family are kept safe with a whole host of stability and traction control systems and no less than 7 airbags.