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The Citroën Berlingo has everything you need while on the move. Its exterior has a fresh and striking design, while the interior is comfortable and flexible to suit your requirements. This is backed up by a host of new technologies, including Active City Brake, Grip Control and a reversing camera.

The Berlingo is available in a variety of shapes to suit you and your business needs. Choose from two different lengths and make the most of your space with asymmetric rear doors and large sliding doors meaning you have the largest loading area possible.

Inside the cab the 3 seats remain spacious, with plenty of extra storage when required as one of the seats folds down making way for longer loads, including ladders and pipes and also doubling up as a mobile desk. The other seat folds up cinema style, meaning even more room in the cab.

The Berlingo has ensured it stays up to date with the new technologies expected in your van. A 7” Touchscreen tablet controls everything in one impressive yet simple place. This includes hands-free Bluetooth®, phone calls, MP3 player DAB radio and navigation (where specified). Another feature which transmits to the 7” control display is the reversing camera, which illuminates automatically as soon as you put the Berlingo in reverse gear. The image is overlayed with lines to guide you into your space, making manoeuvring easier than ever.


Another great feature of the new Citroën Berlingo is the Active City Brake system, which automatically brakes preventing low-speed collisions. Sensors at the front of the vehicle measure the distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead, and the speed at which this distance lowers. While driving under 20mph in urban settings, the sensors work out if the distance is reducing too fast to safely stop, in which case the system, will provide the braking for you, avoiding a collision.


If you’re in the market for a large van, the Citroën Relay should definitely be one of the options you consider. Its simple yet strong design and spacious interior work alongside effective technology and features to make your ride as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The Relay has a choice of 4 lengths, 3 wheel-bases and 3 different heights, which means you can choose the size and shape which will go the distance for your business. Its proportions are some of the best around, with sliding doors up to 1.25m and a rear door opening up to 2.03m in height which is the highest in its category.

As well as providing excellent performance, the Relay also expertly takes care of your comfort. Features inside the cab include a leather steering wheel, extendible writing panel which brings your office inside your van, and unexpected amounts of storage - even a chilled lockable glove box.

For a vehicle of its size, the Relay also holds an impressive amount of technology, even from the most basic option. A 5” colour touchscreen brings all your infotainment and navigation into one place, and the excellent reverse camera functions and Bluetooth hands-free help you save you stress and time whilst on the move.

Aided by this technology and more, this van is designed with your safety at the forefront. Systems such as Lane Departure and Tyre Deflation help to ensure that you are always in control of your vehicle, and Intelligent Traction Control and Hill Start Assist mean that whatever the conditions your van is on your side.


The design of the Citroën Dispatch is centred on convenience, comfort and safety. It’s available in 3 lengths, with a payload of up to 1400kg, 6.6m3 of useful volume and 4m of length, so whatever your business needs there’s likely to be room for them in this van.

Keyless entry and start is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology in the Dispatch. Grip control alters the traction of the wheels depending on the driving surface, ensuring the vehicle is optimised for the driving conditions. Meanwhile a transparent heads-up display which appears in your line of vision provides you with key driving data – speed, alerts etc – meaning you don’t need to take your eyes off the road. Staying in the cab the easy to use 7” tablet displays and controls a host of features including the build-in SatNav and can also be used to mirror your phone screen.

Another great new feature of the Dispatch is the option of hands-free side sliding doors. When you’ve got your hands full, a simple foot movement under the corner of the van both unlocks and fully opens the side door, simplifying loading and unloading. The same can be done to close the door, and as you walk away the van locks automatically.

Technology has also been harnessed to increase the safety of the Dispatch. Active Safety Brake reduces the likelihood of harm from collisions by avoiding them altogether at low speeds, or reducing speed to minimise damage at higher speeds. Blind-spot monitoring indicates with an orange light when there is a vehicle in your blind spot, and the adaptive speed adjusts vehicle speed to that of the vehicle infront. The Dispatch can also help to ensure you stay within the speed limit, as it detects speed limit signs and if you accept the limit it’ll adjust your speed accordingly.